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Hello All,

So I have decided to attempt to build a new CMS (codename P@ige) from the ground up using Delphi for as much of the system as possible. The new CMS will eventually replace my WordPress website. Initial tests are promising.

Here is the goal:

  • Create separate tiers:
    1. Database Tier (using MySQL).
    2. API Tier: This one is somewhat undecided, but most likely will use a combination of technologies with the following being possibilities:
    3. Backend Administration: Built using IntraWeb 14 from AtoZed and the IW Bootstrap Framework
    4. Website Frontend: Also built using IntraWeb 14 (but using the HTML templating engine included with IW.
  • Host all tiers on Microsoft Azure servers, utilizing different servers for each tier.
    • The database tier will utilize a Azure Database for MySQL server. The Azure MySQL servers enable SSL and enforce it by default. Azure’s MySQL servers also allow you to specify the allowed IP addresses as well.
    • The remaining tiers will utilize Windows servers running IIS. (Where possible they will be designed to also work on Linux servers._
    • Each tier will use SSL to connect with the other tiers.
    • Additional security steps will also be utilized to ensure overall system security.
  • Create Desktop management apps for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Create mobile management apps for iOS and Android
  • Eventually release the CMS for others to use. (If you would like to help with the system feel free to let me know.)

While the planĀ  is to utilize separate servers for each tier, the system should also be able to be hosted on the same server if need be. In addition, the plan is to design the tiers to be able to be compiled for Linux as well.

I am going to post as much as reasonably possible about the construction of the CMS while not making it easy for would-be hackers to break in to the system. (ie: Specifics about the security system will not be given, but generalities might be.)

Hope you have a great day!





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