It’s been a while. I have had a lot going on and 2020 has not been much of a help either. But I have finally started work on this project again.

P@igeCMS is a website CMS/Blogging platform written as much as possible in Embarcadero Delphi. It will start out with basic page management and blogging features, but will eventually include modules to manage a downloads section, built in web forums and even Ecommerce capabilities.

Web Server / App Server Information

At this time P@igeCMS is going to be developed to run on Windows Servers running a combination of IIS ISAPI and standalone http.sys services. A Linux version is planned, but we want to get the Windows version out first.

Database Server

At this point, we have chosen Firebird 3 as the database server, although we eventually want to support the following databases:

  • InterBase
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL


The database tables/fields are encrypted, where necessary, on the fly by utilizing UniDAC’s encryption capabilities.

The backend administration utilities are designed as desktop / mobile applications to help minimize security risks / unauthorized logins. It will be possible to run them as web applications utilizing virtualization technologies.

3rd Party Components/Libraries

P@igeCMS utilizes a combination of the following 3rd party products:

P@igeCMS also utilizes code from our own FREE ATLibrary which can be found on GitHub.


Most images were created using Axialis IconGenerator and their excellent Office Pro 2019 Vector Icon Sets

You can follow the progress of this project by watching our blog and you can get access to the project’s code by the project’s GitHub repository.

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