Manually authorize PAServer debugging permissions on MacOS.

On occasion you may get the following error when trying to run PAServer on MacOS. Acquiring permission to support debugging…failed You will be prompted for Developer Tools Access the next time you start a debug session If this happens, and you do not get prompted to enter admin credentials, you will need to manually authorize… Continue reading Manually authorize PAServer debugging permissions on MacOS.

New Website CMS

Hello All, So I have decided to attempt to build a new CMS (codename P@ige) from the ground up using Delphi for as much of the system as possible. The new CMS will eventually replace my WordPress website. Initial tests are promising. Here is the goal: Create separate tiers: Database Tier (using MySQL). API Tier:… Continue reading New Website CMS

StringEncryptX Trial

StringEncryptX is a part of the StringEncrypt family (StringEncryptL, StringEncryptW, StringEncryptX) that allows the user to both encrypt/encode and decode/decrypt a piece of text. The primary purpose is to allow software developers to hide their string constants by encrypting/encoding them to make the harder for crackers to determine their contents. Encryption is performed using a… Continue reading StringEncryptX Trial